Book Excerpts

David Shapiro’s Introduction (Honolulu Star-Bulletin 2/26/06)

Gladys Kamakakuokalani Brandt’s Foreword (Honolulu Star-Bulletin 2/26/06)

Oz Stender vs. “Five Fingers, One Hand (Honolulu Star-Bulletin 2/26/06)

The selection of Bishop Estate trustees by Supreme Court justices showed signs of manipulation. (Honolulu Star-Bulletin 2/27/06)

Kamehameha Schools alumni, staff and students rose up against trustee Lokelani Lindsey. (Honolulu Star-Bulletin 2/28/06)

Investigating Bishop Estate was like probing the CIA, said a court-appointed master.
(Honolulu Star-Bulletin 3/01/06)

One Man Stands Up to the Trust - And Gets Clobbered (Honolulu Star-Bulletin 3/01/06)

Attorney General Margery Bronster went head to head with Supreme Court justices over trustee selection. (Honolulu Star-Bulletin 3/02/06)

Instead of housecleaning, the interim trustees of Bishop Estate "handed the keys to the old guard." (Honolulu Star-Bulletin 3/03/06)

Jan Hanohano Dill's Afterword (Honolulu Star-Bulletin 3/03/06)

The "Black and Blue" Panel (Hawaii Reporter 4/20/06)

Eternal Vigilance (Hawaii Reporter 4/30/06)

From Ed Case's Website (August 2006)

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