Time Line (Honolulu Star-Bulletin 2/26/06)

Vanessa Souki uses these DVDs in Modern Hawaiian History at Kalaheo:
“Conquest of Hawai'i,” The History Channel

(Vanessa Souki:  Starts with the first Hawaiians and ends with the overthrow and a little beyond.  Well made and current.  Many of the speakers were my professors in Hawaiian Studies.  Mixes perspectives; foreign and Hawaiian.)

“Half Life--A Parable for the Nuclear Age,” Direct Cinema Limited

(Vanessa Souki:  This video is about nuclear testing in the pacific.  It is shocking and real; be sure to watch this prior to showing it to students.  This video was a part of my Hawaiian Studies 107 course and Kehau Glassco reintroduced it to me in the classroom.  I've never been able to find it online or anywhere other than the UH library.)

“Act of War: The Overthrow of the Hawaiian Nation,” Na Maka o ka 'Aina, Center for Hawaiian Studies UH Manoa

(Vanessa Souki:  This video concentrates on the US involvement with the overthrow.  The title refers to the report by President Grover Cleveland calling the landing of troops in Hawai'i an "Act of War.”  It also connects with today's issues of self-determination although the video is a little old.)

“Hawai'i's Last Queen,” The American Experience, PBS Video

(Vanessa Souki:  This video shows the overthrow from the perspective of Lili'uokalani and her experiences.  It is a touching story and puts a human face on the overthrow.)

“Nation Within: The story of America's annexation of the nation of Hawai'i,” Tom Coffman

(Vanessa Souki:  This video raises many questions and shows many perspectives.  It is based on the book of the same title.)

“Holo Mai Pele: the epic hula myth,” Great Performances, PBS

(Vanessa Souki:  This hula performance tells the story of Pele and Hi'iaka.  It has interviews with kumu hula Pualani Kanaka'ole Kanahele and Nalani Kanaka'ole.  There are subtitles during the hula and breaks in between dances with interviews of the kumu.  Good for mythology or ancient culture.)

"The Ride"

(Vanessa Souki:  I'm not sure who made this film but it's a great substitute video. It's about a haole surfer from today who almost drowns and gets sent back to the days of Duke Kahanamoku. The students really enjoy it and it does confront the changes that have occurred from then to now and the racial divides that still exist today.)

"Tiger Shark Attack: Beyond Fear," Discovery Channel

(Vanessa Souki:  This covers the rash of shark attacks in the Hawaiian islands in the 90's. The events led to many people killing large numbers of tiger sharks. Hawaiians began to protest and scientists began research. They found that sharks travel and the mass killing of sharks would not be effective. It highlights the conflict of Hawaiian beliefs and the mass killing of sharks.)

"Condition Black," Nature, PBS

(Vanessa Souki:  This covers the 1998 Eddie Aikau Big Wave Surf Competition. This year the waves reached 80 feet tall. The Eddie Aikau competition is only held when the waves reach a certain height. However, this was too big. IMAX was in town and captured four surfers that went out even though the police had ordered them not to. This is some unreal footage. It also makes references to Hawaiian culture and features Hawaiian ocean safety experts.) 

Joshua Reppun uses these videos in Hawaiian Studies at La Pietra:

The Hawaiians - Reflecting Spirit (Edgy Lee)

Hawaiian Soul - (Vicky Keith)

Living on Islands - (Vicky Keith)

And Then There Were None - Pacific Islanders in Communication

Stolen Waters (Puhi Pau Productions)

Oni Pa'a - Hard Taro (producer unknown)

Temple Under Siege (Puhi Pau Productions) (About Mauna Kea)

Hokulea Guiding Spirit (Olelo - Lurline McGregor)

The Wayfinders (producer unknown)

Back to the Roots - (Vicky Keith)

KGMB and KITV programs on Hokulea

This list will grow over time as other teachers contribute their own list of additional resources via email to Kehau and/or Vanessa. (Resources directly related to the Broken Trust book can be found at SOURCE DOCUMENTS.)

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